Gluten Free Eating in Paris

I’ve been trying to eat gluten free in Paris for the last 3 days now, and have to say it’s been more of a challenge than I thought it would be. It has been torture every time I walk past a patisserie full of croissants and pain au chocolats and not being able to eat the foods that I used to indulge in during my pre-Celiac days. Worse though, is finding something convenient and gluten free that my 3 year old daughter will eat in Paris – that has been a challenge in its own right. Man cannot live on French Fries alone … or can he?

Breakfast at our hotel has been a total lifesaver for us, and we’ve been really taking advantage of the “all you can eat” in the all you can eat buffet. It’s a nice change to start out the day with meats, cheese, bacon, and yogurt. Yes, there is probably cross contamination, but at least it gives me tons of energy for a day of walking to see the sites. I brought a loaf of Ener-G “sans gluten” Tapioca bread with me from the states and it’s been my saving grace. I may be the only person in the world to eat peanut butter and jelly two times a day in Paris, but hey, it’s calories. And I’ve grown to like my mid-afternoon nutella sandwhich – who wouldn’t!

I have had two very amazing meals out with a local friend, who helped us talk about what items will be safer for me to eat. Were they actually Gluten free? Probably not, but the closest I think it was going to get – and the meals were absolutely magnifique!

I finally found myself a “biologique” today, the equivalent of small health food store, and loaded up on a variety of gluten free snacks and treats. The best surpirse was buying a fresh loaf of gluten free bread! It’s ten times better than US stuff…made with quinoa and has a great texture that mimics french bread somewhat. This at least gives me something to eat for dinner – I’m off to find some brie and veggies to make myself a sandwich!

Au revior!


About GlutenFreeAZ

I've been gluten free since 2002 and want to help educate people and support the gluten free community.
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