Gluten Free Europe

Are you travelling to France or the UK and need some tips for eating “sans gluten”? Here are a few places you should try based on a recent trip.

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  1. Your readers may be interested in this just announced media release….

    Families with special dietary needs – for so long the forgotten people in the international tourism industry – now have a new comfortable destination in chic Paris where they can be assured that their dietary needs will be met.
    The Gentle Gourmet, established in 2009 as Paris’s first and only vegan B&B has attracted critical acclaim from vegan and non-vegans alike for its gourmet food and eco-conscious services.
    Now its proprietor, Deborah Brown Pivain, an American born resident of France and Paris for more than 30 years, has broadened its appeal by launching a Healthy Paris Package.
    “We received lots of feedback from our friendly B&B service and optional convivial dinner parties, and additional services like brunches and picnics – and that feedback was telling us that there are many people who find that their dietary requirements are not being met by most B&B’s and hotels and that people were grateful that we understood their needs” said Deborah.
    “We have catered to many people with special dietary requirements due to health concerns – including people with gluten and lactose intolerance as well as nut allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, etc – so launching a Healthy Paris Package was a logical progression for us and people have been happy to find us.”
    The observations of the Gentle Gourmet reflect the broader international situation for people with special dietary and nutritional needs – the tourism and accommodation industry, while improving, has lagged behind in meeting the growing demand for such services and its inadequate response has limited where some people can go on holiday, or worse, whether they can go at all.
    While the increasing numbers of vegetarians are better catered for, with most restaurants and hotels opting, if a little unimaginatively, to provide vegetarian meals, anything beyond vegetarianism is silently greeted by most hospitality professionals with a look of ‘I run a hotel, not a nutrition practice.’
    The result has been a huge growth – nobody is quite sure how big – in people who miss out on holidays altogether because they or a family member can’t guarantee on their needs being met.
    The Health Paris Package is unique in that it offers families a fully furnished modern two bedroom two bathroom apartment with lounge and kitchen in complete privacy. Guests pop next door for meals where any of their special pre-arranged needs are met in a traditional B&B style setting with the Pivain family always ready to discuss food preferences and issues as well as the latest that Paris has to offer.
    If guests want to make their holidays even more sociable , the Gentle Gourmet hosts dinner parties for up to eight people in which people from different professions, countries and backgrounds come together for a surprise ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’ party – though all guests have some common denominators, notably conscious eating, particularly the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.
    Solving the seemingly permanent challenge of where to go for lunch when nobody caters for your needs can be resolved through advance planning and a packed picnic enables Gentle Gourmet guests to spend their day sight-seeing around Paris, not wasting time looking for a food-friendly restaurant.
    The Gentle Gourmet’s Healthy Paris Package is offering seven nights for the price of six. Advance bookings are essential. The Gentle Gourmet is located close to the Arc de Triumphe in a fashionable part of the city and an easy walk to the Eiffel Tower.
    For further information go to or email Deborah Brown Pivain at

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